Tariff Monitoring

Tariff Monitoring solution

Fraudulent subscriptions and airtime theft are much more common in markets where prepaid mobile voice, data and messaging are preponderant. Detection of fraudulent services, as well as verifying prices advertised by Telecommunication providers require constant monitoring from Telecommunication Operators and Regulators.

IMSA Solutions has developed a technology that analyses prices in real time and determines which transactions are most likely to be fraudulent. Our solution enables Regulators to monitor whether the prices charged by Telecommunication Operators are those advertised to consumers and Telecommunication Operators to identify fraudulent services and block them. 

Our Tariff Monitoring solution offers a turn-key solution allowing clients to monitor prices of every bundle and Licensees in the territory and enables Telecommunication Operators to protect consumers by detecting fraudulent charges in real time.

Industry Focused Benefits

Protection of consumers

Small amounts, but hitting millions of subscribers in the pocket represent a massive loss for consumers. 
Transparency for the users and eviction of rogue services ensure consumers to get what they paid for.

Regulatory benefits

Regulators have the ability to rely on our centralised platform to verify advertised prices and ensuring transparent billing practices for the consumers.

Price fairness

Fraud reduction and transparency establishes price fairness by effectively preventing Airtime theft, fraudulent subscriptions and false advertising.

Advanced Monitoring and Reporting Tool

Our reporting tools allow real time monitoring of tariff and notify clients of any new fraudulent activity, enabling rapid responses from Regulator and Telecommunication providers.

A turn-key solution prices monitoring to your unique goals and issues to protect consumers and establish pricing fairness.

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