Our patented solution is designed to help Telecom Regulatory Authorities standardise the mobile phone market and eliminate counterfeit devices. All phones will be subject to registration on a central database, linked to local telecom, against a registration fee to allow handsets to function on the local networks.

Mobile Registration helps in detecting the IMEI of stolen, fraudulent and / or illegally imported devices and transmits it to a Blocklisted pool of blocked handsets, thus preventing them from being registered on the network.

Our proprietary system workflow can be broken down into the following 6 primary steps

Industry Focused Benefits

Comply With Regulatory Requirements

Ensures that all devices are compliant to standards which has the overall benefit of improved national security and increased tax revenue collection.

Telco Benefits

Opportunity for new revenue stream with a higher rate of customer retention as they benefit from SIM and Device locking in the case of theft. 

Reduce Fraud

Deters the illegal smuggling of mobile devices as well as the overall theft of devices. Avoids identity fraud / Sim Cloning and Equipment cloning.

Suppliers and Importers Satisfaction

Serves as encouragement for genuine device imports which leads to a fair playing field for all importers. 

Our system workflow is based on an inter-functionality between a central system (CEIR) and a Carrier(s) based (EIR) System. 

The CEIR is responsible for listing and reporting all blocked handsets, while making sure that these devices are not allowed nor functioning on the Network, in addition it is responsible for the pre-authorisation of the legally imported devices.

The EIR applies locking rules of IMSI-IMEI by allowing or blocking handsets from attaching on the Network.

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