International Voice Traffic Management

Countering International Voice Traffic bypass fraud mechanisms

Bypass fraud mechanisms are used to terminate international calls in local countries by deviating traffic from the legal structures towards interconnected operators. This deviation allows to override the additional fee usually requested by the regulators or the operators for undertaking international communications. These techniques ensure profit for the fraudulent actors and losses for terminating network operators and governments.

Some of these techniques are well known, such as the SIM boxes which consists in deriving international calls through Voice over Internet Protocol and terminating them in a local offline device, but the development and emergence of VoIP possibilities allow the elaboration of other mechanisms. The Over The Top (OTT) fraud, for instance, follows the SIM boxes procedures but allows the call to terminate on the VoIP app directly. 

Our International traffic monitoring solutions helps governments, operators and customers in facing this global challenge by controlling and preventing fraudulent practices.

Industry Focused Benefits

Dismantling of fraudulent networks

IMSA Solutions products identifies and provides information and identification to the regulators in order to protect the interest of the local operators and customers.

Regulatory benefits

Through technological development and innovation, IMSA Solutions helps regulators combatting bypass fraud techniques. 

Preservation of legitimate voice revenue

Our International Traffic Monitoring solution allows a complete analysis of the calling system in the territory, ensuring that operators receive revenue for the services that they are providing to their customers.

Advanced OTT VoIP distinction module

IMSA Solutions modules are able to differentiate between authorized OTT VoIP calls from fraudulent OTT VoIP apps calls enabling operators and regulators to track and block illegal routes. 

Helping governmental agencies to prevent fraud by identifying attempted interconnect bypass fraud and enabling active management to block illegal routes.

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