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Our Goal

To shape the future of technology, by helping regulatory agencies for the benefit of mobile users.

Nomahlubi Simamane - Director

Nomahlubi Simamane is a South-African entrepreneur and businesswoman currently a Director of Imsa Solutions.

After a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from the University of Botswana from 1977, she started within the Unlever Marketing team for South Africa and Kenya until 1994, when she joined British American Tobacco as Marketing Director in South Africa and the US.
Five years later, she became managing Director of BLGK Bates and founded her advertising agency Zanusi Brands Solutions in 2001. Through this agency, she developed a model specialised in helping African brands move towards new consumer pattern opportunities. The agency collaborated with world-known clients such as BP, Medscheme, Nedbank, Zain and Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund.

In 2020, Nomahlubi Simamane took the helm of Imsa Solutions, a leading technology company specialized in optimizing revenues and maximizing network performance of telecommunications infrastructure. Imsa’s enterprise-class solutions cater to governments and telecommunications companies alike and enable them to live-monitor the full spectrum of devices accessing their networks. This technology enables them to regulate all transactions and block unallowed devices (such as illegally imported mobile phones).

Nomahlubi Simamane also serves as a board member of many companies (Foschini Group, Lenmed, Oceana, Cashbuild Limited, Primedia Face2Face, Hollard Insurance) and as an impactful member in several institutions (Association of Advertising Agencies, Advertising Standards Authority’s, Advertising Properties Committee, and UNEP’s Advisory Committee).

Nomahlubi Simamane

We are devoted to growth through and value while providing best in class communication solutions.​

Level 1-B-BBEE

We are a proud South African company with 100 % Black Women Shareholding. 

We are fully committed to the creation and development of advanced communications solutions, by simplifying the delivery of complex networks with our innovative products and services.

Innovative Solutions

Our teams are solely focused on creating and delivering products with one aim: to solve complex problems for Regulatory Agencies facing technical disruptions and ever-growing data usage. IMSA Solutions assists Regulatory agencies in fulfilling their missions by ensuring the best experience on mobile networks and safety for users while providing revenue assurance for governments.

Unmatched Quality

Our solutions are designed by highly skilled and experienced telecommunication experts. With our intervention, Regulatory Agencies significantly reduce fraud and enforce telecommunication regulations. With the cost of fraud reaching billions of dollars annually and safety of users at risk, we master the dynamic and ever-changing technology sector. IMSA solutions empowers regulatory agencies with the most complete technology stack to detect and curtail revenue leakage.

You can trust us to build solutions and solve problems.

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