A2P SMS Stack

Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS solutions

Application-to-person messaging or A2P is a way of communication in which the sender doesn’t expect a reply from the recipient unlike the regular Person-to-Person Messaging or P2P. Foreign and local businesses use it to communicate with consumers, authenticate users, or deliver time-sensitive alerts.

A2P messaging includes marketing messages, Verification codes, appointment reminders, notifications, etc.

IMSA Solutions offers a turn-key, adaptable, high-quality solution fixing the situation in all its complexity, which we tailor to your unique goals and issues to protect consumers such as countering fraud, massive spamming and phishing and establishing pricing fairness.

Industry Focused Benefits

Protection of consumers

2-Step Verifications are now widespread to authenticate users on payments and banking transactions, email providers, social networks accounts and smartphone applications.
A centralized A2P is able to protect consumers from identity thefts

Regulatory benefits

Telecommunication operators have the ability to rely on a third-party platform to declare A2P SMS. This declaration ensures transparency for the Regulatory Authorities with tangible benefits to the Government.

Price fairness

Fraud reduction and transparency establishes price fairness by effectively preventing A2P SMS traffic terminated through SIM Boxes/Farms, OTTs and P2P. Our fully secure solutions protects the network from any possible leakage.

Advanced Monitoring and Reporting Tool

Our reporting tools allow real time monitoring of Quality of Service, route tracing, financial reconciliation and invoicing.

A turn-key solution for A2P SMS tailored to your unique goals and issues to protect consumers and establish pricing fairness.

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